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Lÿnckner (active 1807)

Graudenz, 1807

Carte der Gegend, Blokade und Belagerung der Festung Graudenz 1807 or later

Engraving and etching; printed on paper | Scale: 1:25,600 approx. | RCIN 735133

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A map of the siege of Graudenz, 22 January-30 June 1807. Napoleonic Wars (1803-15). Oriented with east-south-east to top (compass rose).

This medium-scale map of the topography in the neighbourhood of Graudenz, a Polish town which was then part of Prussia, shows the various positions of the besieging French troops during the siege which lasted from 2 January to 30 June 1807, when the town surrendered to the French. The hachures representing relief appear to be drawn to a scale which was devised to show the steepest slopes with shorter and darker lines. For a review of these systems of relief representation see Yolande Jones [Hodson] (1974).

  • Lÿnckner (active 1807) (cartographer and publisher) [top, between title and map border:] Aufgenommen, gezeichnet und herausgegeben von Lÿncker, Lieutenant im Grosherzogl: Hessischen Generalstāb

    Johann Conrad Felsing (1766-1819) (engraver) [bottom right, below border:] gest. v. C. Felsing H.K.z. Darmst.

  • Watermark: None

    Condition: one fold line; brown stains to both sides

  • Scale: 1:25,600 approx. Scale bars: [125 mm =] 4000 Schritte; [132 mm =] 700 Rheinl. Ruthen.

    37.8 x 45.4 cm (neatline)

    41.5 x 45.9 cm (image)

    43.8 x 51.1 cm (platemark)

    48.1 x 57.4 cm (sheet)

  • Printed title:

    Carte der Gegend, Blokade und Belagerung der Festung Graudenz. [top, across top of map, outside border]

    Additional text:

    [top right, a detailed description and key, A-F, to the siege:] Erlæuterungen. [followed by a note on the boundaries of meadows, fields and wooded areas, and the state of the meadows on the Offa, which remain under water into the early part of the year.]


    George III heading: Graudenz 22 Jan. – 30 June 1807.

    Other annotations: none.

    George III catalogue entry:

    Graudenz Carte der Gegend, Blokade un Belagerung der Festung Graudenz, vom 22.ten Jan. bis den 30.ten Juny 1807: vom Lieut. Lyncker.

  • From the collection of military and naval maps and prints formed by George III (1738-1820)

  • Subject(s)

    Grudziądz, Kujawsko, Poland (53°29'02"N 18°45'13"E)

  • Bibliographic reference(s)

    Y. Jones, ‘Aspects of relief portrayal on 19th century British military maps’, The Cartographic Journal, June 1974, pp.1-15

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