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Other 17th-century conflicts

Printed and manuscript maps, prints and views of 22 seventeenth-century wars

View of the Battle of Aughrim, 1691, Jan Wyck RCIN 724052 ©

The few maps and views covering the 16 earliest wars in this section were acquired, in the first instance, by the Italian collector, Cassiano dal Pozzo (1588–1657) and his brother, Carlo Antonio dal Pozzo (1606–89). After Carlo Antonio’s death in 1689, the collection was eventually sold by his grandson to Pope Clement XI (reg. 1700–21) in 1703. In 1714, it passed to the Pope’s nephew, Cardinal Alessandro Albani (1692–1779), from whom it was purchased in 1762 by George III.

These prints formed part of the celebrated ‘Paper Museum’ which was built up by the dal Pozzos from purchases made from the flourishing printmaking industry, primarily in Italy, but also in France, Germany and the Netherlands. Many of the items are rare or are early impressions from the copperplates. They document the conflicts of the day and, in the seventeenth century, were often accompanied by letterpress text giving up-to-date information about, for example, the progress of a siege.

The items were mounted on paper, sometimes with ink framing lines drawn around the print (mount type A) and sometimes without (mount type B). These two types of paper mount can be seen on the prints of the military engagements in this section.

Of the later wars, the only one to be well represented is that of the Nine Years War or War of the Grand Alliance (1688–97). This includes unique manuscript large-scale mapping of the Williamite–Jacobite War in Ireland (1688–91) such as the sieges of Kinsale (1690) and Limerick (1691), as well as a drawing, probably by the Dutch artist Jan van Wyck, of the Battle of Aghrim (1691). Manuscript topographical mapping of areas in Hainault, and along the Rhine, together with large-scale mapping of Namur during the siege of 1695, printed maps of the camps sites and routes of marches of the French king in the Low Countries, give a cartographic overview of the war.

View of the siege of Montmelian, 1600 (Montmelian, Rhone-Alps, France)
Franco-Savoyard War (1600-01)

The siege of Montmelian

First Polish-Swedish War (1600-11)

Siege of Wolmar and Battle of Riga

View of the siege of Asti, 1615 (Asti, Piedmont, Italy) 44?54?05?N 08?12?27?E
Monferrat War of Succession (1613-30)

The sieges of Vercelli and Asti

A combination of plan and middle-high oblique view of the old and new Huguenot fortress of Alès, besieged in June 1629 by the French Royal army under Louis XIII (27 September 1601-14 May 1643) resulting on 17 June 1629 in the surrender of the town
Huguenot Rebellions or Rohan Wars (1621-8)

An extension of the French Wars of Religion of the previous century

Accompanying text to the view of Smolensk at RCIN 722074.a. Smolensk War (1632-1634). See also RCINs 722074.b and c.Condition: text: both panels creased, each with a single tear which occured before mounting; no gilt edges.
Smolensk War (1632-4)

A view of Smolensk

Siege of Colchester, 1648 (Colchester, Essex, England, UK) 51?53?21?N 00?54?15?E
Wars of the Three Kingdoms

The English Civil Wars and associated conflicts

A view of Barcelona, defended by Catalan rebels and the French under the viceroy of Catalonia, Phillippe de la Motte-Houdancourt (1605-57) and John Gaspar Ferdinand de Marchin [or Marsin], comte de Granville (1601-73) and besieged between July 1651 and Oc
Catalan Revolt (1640-59)

The sieges of Perpignan and Barcelona are represented

A view of Franceso I d'Este, Duke of Modena (6 September 1610-14 October 1658), attacking the papal armies of Cardinal Antonio Barberini (5 August 1607-3 August 1671) and forcing them to retreat on 20 July 1643. First War of Castro (1641-1644).  
Wars of Castro

The First and Second Wars of Castro

A high oblique view of the Venetian port of Sebenico, besieged by the Turks in September 1647 during which a battle was fought between 9 and 16 of the month resulting in the lifting of the siege and the retreat of the Turks. Fifth Ottoman-Venetian War (16
Fifth Ottoman-Venetian War (Cretan War) (1645-69)

Also known as the Cretan War, actions represented at Rhodes and Candia

<p>A view of the naval Battle of Scheveningen (aka Battle of Texel or Battle of Ter Heijde) fought on 10 August 1653 [N.S.] between the Commonwealth of England, commanded by General at Sea George Monck, 1<sup>st</sup> Duke of Albemarle (1608-70) and the U
First and Second Anglo-Dutch Wars

The conflicts between the two rising mercantile powers

View of the Battle of Chudnov, 1660 (Chudnov [Chudniv, Cudnow], Zhytomyr, Ukraine) 50?03?07?N 28?07?02?E
Russo-Polish War (1654-67)

Featuring the Battle of Chudnov

Second Northern War (1655-60)

Maps showing Demmin and Oresund

A map/high oblique view of the Battle of Choczim, fought on 11 November 1673 between the forces of the Polish-Lithuanian Commonwealth, commanded by John Sobieski (1629-96; from 1674 John III Sobieski, King of Poland and Grand Duke of Lithuania) and those
Polish-Ottoman War (1672-6)

Showing Khotyn in the Ukraine

n, Belgium) 50?30?44?N 04?00?40?E; (Saint-Denis, Walloon Region, Belgium) 50?29?26?N 04?01?14?E; (Mons, Walloon Region, Belgium)
Franco-Dutch War (1672-8)

Fighting along the Rhine and in France and the Netherlands

A map of the siege of Wismar, 13-23 December 1675, by Christian V, King of Denmark (1646-99) resulting in the surrender of the town. Scanian or Swedish-Brandenburg War (1675-9). Oriented with north to top (cardinal points).  
The Danish army, with their a
Scanian or Swedish-Brandenburg War (1675-9)

The sieges of Wismar and Szczecin

View of Genoa, 1684 (Genoa, Liguria, Italy) 44?24'22"N 08?56'01"E
War of the Reunions (1683-4)

Maps of Luxembourg and Genoa

View of Algiers, 1783 (Algiers, Algeria)
Spanish-Barbary Conflicts (1694-1784)

Mainly featuring Algiers in the 18th century