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Russo-Turkish Wars

The wars of 1735–9, 1768–74 and 1787–92

The first of these three wars (1735–9) developed out of the War of the Polish Succession (1733–8). France persuaded Turkey to join her in opposing Russia and Austria and then, in late 1735, Russia declared war on Turkey. This war was settled by the Treaty of Nissa in October 1739, with the Russians suing for peace. The second war – the first Turkish war against Catherine the Great of Russia, fought between 1768 and 1774 – was ended by the Treaty of Kuchuk Kainarji in July 1774. The third war, which was the second Turkish War against Catherine of Russia, was concluded by the Treaty of Jassy in January 1792, with Russia returning Moldavia and Bessarabia to Turkey while retaining all her occupied territories east of the Dniester as well as the port of Ochakov.

The mapping from the earliest of these wars focuses on the Ukraine and Crimea and includes items published by the Russian Academy of Sciences at St Petersburg as well as cartography by Scotland’s premier earl, John Lindsay, 20th Earl Crawford who served in the Austrian and Russian armies during this war. His manuscript map of the Battle of Krotksa in 1739, dedicated to George II, portrayed the action where he received the wound from which he died ten years later.

The printed maps of the second war focus on maps and views of the Battles of Choczim, Chesma and Kagul, while the later war of 1787–92 is covered by a series of coloured views of the Kinburn Peninsula, Bosanska Dubica and Bosanska Novi, the siege of Ochakov and other engagements.

 Master: Little Tartary and Crimea, 1736-7Item: Map of Little Tartary and Crimea, 1736-7
Russo-Turkish War (1735-9)

Conflict in the Crimean peninsular and the Ukraine

Master: Maps of Turkey, 1769Item: Map of Choczim, 1769 (Khotyn, Chernivets'ka, Ukraine) 48?30'24"N 26?29'28"E
Russo-Turkish War (1768-74)

Catherine the Great's war with the Ottoman Empire

Master: Turkey, 1787-9 (Balkans; Ukraine)Item: Bosanska Novi, 1788 (Bosanski Novi, Republika Srpska, Bosnia Herzegovina) 45?02'45"N 16?22'49"E
Russo-Turkish War (1787-92)

The Ottomans attempt to recover territory lost in the previous war