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Thirty Years War (1618-48)

Maps, prints and letterpress text covering the major battles and sieges of the war

GIUSEPPE DE' ROSSI (1560-1639)

View of the siege of Casale Monferrato, 1628 (Casale Monferrato [Casale], Piedmont, Italy) 45°08ʹ00ʺN 08°27ʹ09ʺE

1628 or later

Etching and engraving; printed on paper; mounted on paper (Mount Type A); gilt edges top, right and bottom | 31.1 x 24.3 cm (image and sheet) | RCIN 722032

A middle to high oblique view of the Spanish and Italian siegeworks and encampments as at 18 April 1628 in the early stages of the first siege of Casale Monferrato, 28 March 1628-16 March 1629. War of the Mantuan Succession (1628-1631); part of the Thirty Years War (1618-48). Oriented with west-south-west to top.

See the notes to RCIN 722031.

  • Giuseppe de' Rossi (1560-1639) (publisher) [bottom right, below print at the end of the key:] Stampato in Milano e ristampato / in Roma per Gioseppe de Rossi / con licentia delli Superiori.

    Anonymous (original publisher)


  • Watermark: Shield with the letter M under a star; none on mount

    Condition: no fold lines to print. One fold line to the mount; worn along left edge and remains of adhesive where the mount has been removed from a guard; printed from a scratched plate; surface dirt and brown discolouration to the edges of both sides; pressure marks from the mounts of items which were kept above and below this print in a different collection are present on the recto and verso

  • 31.1 x 24.3 cm (image and sheet)

    cropped (platemark)

    54.8 x 40.8 cm (mount)

  • Printed title:

    DISSEGNO DEL CAMPO / CATTOLICO SOTTO CASALE / Alli i8 Aprile i628. [top left, in a cartouche decorated with strapwork]

    Additional text:

    [bottom, below the print, a key, A-I, K-T, V, X-Y, to the town of Casale, the fortifications, quarters of the troops, batteries, etc.]


    George III heading: Casal besieged by Don Gonzales de Cordova, 28 March 1628 – 16 March 1629.

    Other annotations: (Recto) none. (Verso) [bottom left, black pencil:] II/28; [centre, black pencil:] II/28; [centre, red pencil:] 1/164.

    George III catalogue entry:

    Casal Dissegno del Campo Cattolico sotto Casale alle 18 Aprile 1628, stampato per G. de Rossi.

  • Subject(s)

    Casale Monferrato [Casale], Piedmont, Italy (45°08ʹ00ʺN 08°27ʹ09ʺE)

  • Bibliographic reference(s)

    M. McDonald, The Print Collection of Cassiano dal Pozzo. Part II, Architecture, Topography and Military Maps, 3 vols, London 2019, cat. no. 2874

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