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Maps, views and diagrams of military reviews and encampments


Suite des seize estampes representant les Conquetes de l'Empereur de la Chine.

dated 1765-73

RCIN 731054

Set of 20 plates recording the conquests and victories of the Chinese king over Tibet, Mongolia, Korea and Vietnam. c.1755-1765. In a portfolio format. French inscription and description on outer page. Various artists/engravers - missionary.

  • After Jean Denis Attiret (1702-68) (designer)

    After Charles Nicolas Cochin (1715-90) (designer)

    After Giovanni Damasceni (active 1770) (designer)

    After Giuseppe Castiglione (active 1698-1768) (designer)

    After Ignatius Sichelbart (1708-80) (designer)

    Masqueller, Louis Joseph (1741-1811) (etcher)

    Giovanni Damasceni (active 1770) (etcher)

    Jacques Philippe Le Bas (1707-83) (etcher)

    St Aubin, Augustin de (1736-1807) (etcher)

    (François) Denis Neé (1732-1817) (etcher)

    Prevost, Benoit Louis (1735-1804/9) (etcher)

    Pierre-Philippe Choffard (1730-1809) (etcher)

    Launay, Nicolas de (d.1792) (etcher)

    Jacques Aliamet (1726-1788) (etcher)


    Qianlong Emperor of China (1711-99)

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