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D.V.S. (ACTIVE 1572)

View of the Battle of Lepanto, 1571 (Nafpaktos, West Greece, Greece) 38°23ʹ30ʺN  21°49ʹ39ʺE

published 1572

Etching with engraving; printed on paper; some hand-colouring: land areas are washed with a dull green, the sea is coloured blue; mounted on paper (mount closely cropped, type not known, perhaps B) | 18.8 x 24.7 cm (image and sheet) | RCIN 721064

A view of the naval Battle of Lepanto, fought on 7 October 1571 between the fleets of the Holy League (Spain, Venice, Genoa, Papal States, Duchies of Tuscany, Savoy Urbino, and the Knights Hospitallers of Malta) commanded by Don John of Austria (24 February 1547-1 October 1578) and the Ottomans, commanded by Grand Admiral Müezzinzade Ali Pasha (d. 7 October 1571), resulting in a victory for the Holy League. Fourth Ottoman-Venetian War (1570-1573). Oriented with north (T[ramontana] to top; (compass rose: Greco-north-east; a cross: Levante-east; Scirocco-south-east; Ostro-south; Africus-south-west; Ponente-west; Maestro-north west).

The town of Lepanto, the two lighthouses at the entrance to the Gulf of Lepanto, and the town of Patrasso, are shown in the top right corner.

The ‘Cuzzolari’ named in the title refer to the group of islands called the Echinades, the old Venetian name for which was Kurtzolári (also spelled ‘Cuzzolari’).

This view is discussed in Anna Contadini and Claire Norton, The Renaissance and the Ottoman World, Farnham UK and Burlington USA 2013, pp. 63-64

  • D.V.S. (active 1572) (engraver)

    Giovanni Francesco Camocio (active 1560-72) (publisher) [top left, following on from title and dedication:] Di Vinegia l'Anno 1572. / D . V . S . Scr. / Gio. Francesco Camotio.


    Navy-Venetian Republic
    Navy-Holy League
  • Watermark: None visible

    Condition: two fold lines; creased down right side; brown with age; some foxing; small tears along top edge; formerly mounted, then cropped to edge of image; the image is worn along the bottom right edge and the bottom right corner; no gilt edges

  • 18.8 x 24.7 cm (image and sheet)

    cropped (platemark)

  • Printed title:

    Al Molto Sig.r Gentile Carbo = / nana da Gubio. / Qui rappresento à V.S. breuemente il successo / della mirabile uittoria della armata di la s.ta Lega / christiana contra la potentissima, et orgogliosa di / Sultan Selim principe ottomano, ottenuta l'anno / prossimo passato 1571 nei giorno di S.ta Iustina al / luoco detto Cuzzolari. et alla gratia di quella / mi raccomando, [top left, in a cartouche]


    George III heading: Naval Engagement Lepanto 1571.

    Other annotations: (Recto) none. (Verso) [top, left of centre, red pencil:] 1/56; [bottom left, black pencil, erased:] 1572 

    George III catalogue entry:

    Lepanto A small View of the Battle of Lepanto on the Oct.r 1571: by G.F. Camotio, 1572 [The same entry appears under the heading Naval Engagement]

  • Subject(s)

    Nafpaktos, West Greece, Greece (38°23ʹ30ʺN 21°49ʹ39ʺE)

  • Bibliographic reference(s)

    M. McDonald, The Print Collection of Cassiano dal Pozzo. Part II, Architecture, Topography and Military Maps, 3 vols, London 2019, cat. no. 2712

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