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The Seven Years War (1756-63)

Manuscript and printed maps and views, correspondence and journals from the first global war

? THOMAS JEFFERYS (C. 1719-71)

Monongahela River, 1755

A Plan of the Encampment of the Detachment from the little Meadows. [1755.]

1755 or later

Engraving; printed on paper; hand-coloured | Scale: 1:3,130. | RCIN 731061.e

A plan of the encampment of the detachment at Little Meadows, 1755. French and Indian War (1754-63). No orientation.

Little Meadows, Maryland (39°41'57"N 79°05'36"E), marked on RCIN 731061.a as number 4, was an often used campsite by the British and Americans in the French and Indian War.

One of six plans of Braddock's marches, camps, and campaign in 1755 (see RCINs 731061.a-f). These maps are closely based on the manuscript maps of the same titles in 'A Journal of the Expedition to North America in 1755, under General Braddock'; BL King's MS 212. The Fort Cumberland referred to in this set of plans was in Maryland (39°39'03"N 78°45'55"W). It was the westernmost outpost of British territory in North America and was the point of departure for General Edward Braddock's (bap.2 February 1695-13 July 1755) march to Fort Duquesne (40°26'29"N 80°00'39"W). 

  • ? Thomas Jefferys (c. 1719-71) (publisher)

    ? Robert Orme (1725-90) (cartographer)

  • Watermark: IV

    Condition: no fold lines; induced discolouration on verso; pin holes in each corner. Formerly kept in a rough buff/grey paper folder with old heading on front

  • Scale: 1:3,130. Scale bar: Scale of Yards [58 mm =] 200.

    28.3 x 20.6 cm (neatline)

    33.0 x 20.6 cm (image)

    33.8 x 22.0 cm (platemark)

    36.5 x 24.5 cm (sheet)

  • Printed title:

    A Plan of the Encampment of the Detachment from the little Meadows. [1755.] [bottom right corner, outside neatline:] IV [top, above neatline]

    Additional text:

    [bottom, outside neatline, a key, A-I, K, to the components of the encampment:] References. 


    George III heading: Encampments and March from Fort Cumberland to the Monongahela River in 1755.

    Other annotations: (Recto) [top, black pencil, erased and partly legible:] Monongahela [March Route]; [bottom, black pencil, erased:] XV/1. (Verso) none.

    George III catalogue entry:

    Encampment A Map of the Country between Fort Cumberland on Will’s Creek and the Monongahela River shewing the Rout and Encampments of the English Army in 1755; with five particular Plans of the Disposition of the Army on its March, the Encampments &c. [The same entry appears under the headings Cumberland, Fort, March, and Monongahela.]

  • Subject(s)

    Monongahela River, Pennsylvania, USA

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