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Thirty Years War (1618-48)

Maps, prints and letterpress text covering the major battles and sieges of the war

? ABRAHAM BOSSE (1604-76)

View of Susa, 1629 (Susa, Piedmont, Italy) 45°08ʹ12ʺN 07°03ʹ29ʺE

1629 or later

Etching and engraving; printed on paper; guarded into volume | 36.7 x 54.3 cm (neatline) | RCIN 722039.a

A view of the town and citadel of Susa, taken by the army of Louis XIII in February 1629. War of the Mantuan Succession (1628-1631); part of the Thirty Years War (1618-1648). Oriented with south to top (compass directions written to top and bottom edges).

Another state of this print, lacking the compass indications (in the Bibliothèque nationale de France) is attributed to the engraver Abraham Bosse (1602-1676), but no authority is given for the attribution. The attribution of the Royal Collection print to Bosse is made on stylistic grounds, based on the topographical prints attributed to him by BnF.

This is one of an untitled volume of fifteen prints and maps of the campaigns of Louis XIII between 1629 and 1640. See RCIN 722039 for the main entry.

  • ? Abraham Bosse (1604-76) (printmaker)

    ? Melchior Tavernier (1594-1665) (publisher)


    Louis XIII, King of France (1601-43)
  • Watermark: Indistinct; large coat of arms

    Condition: one fold line; surface dirt to both sides; wormholes to bottom margin, matching the holes in the folio above and below. Verso: some offsetting. Guarded into a volume

  • 36.7 x 54.3 cm (neatline)

    37.5 x 54.3 cm (image)

    37.4 x 54.7 cm (platemark)

    45.4 x 60.2 cm (sheet)

  • Printed title:

    PLAN / Esleve de la Citadelle de SUZE / en Piemont Prise par le Roy le [blank space] / jour de [blank space] mil [blank space] [bottom left, in oval cartouche embellished with artefacts of war]

    Additional text:

    [bottom left, following on from title, a description of the citadel of Suze and a key, A-D.]



    George III catalogue entry:

    France Campagnes de Louis XIII (Les Plans des Sieges et des Batailles données en France et en Italie par le Roy Louis XIII depuis 1629 jusques a 1640) Fol.

  • Subject(s)

    Susa, Piedmont, Italy (45°08ʹ12ʺN 07°03ʹ29ʺE)

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