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Thirty Years War (1618-48)

Maps, prints and letterpress text covering the major battles and sieges of the war


View of the Battle of Tuttlingen, 1643 (Tuttlingen, Baden-Württemberg, Germany) 47°59ʹ05ʺN 08°49ʹ04ʺE

1643 or later

Etching; printed on paper; mounted on paper (Mount Type B); gilt edges right and bottom | 23.1 x 33.8 cm (neatline) | RCIN 723045

A high oblique view of the Battle of Tuttlingen, fought on 24 November 1643 between the Imperial army, commanded by Baron Franz von Mercy (d.1645) and the French, commanded by Josias von Rantzau (18 October 1609-14 September 1650), resulting in an Imperial victory. Thirty Years War (1618-1648). Oriented with north-west to top.

The 'Graffen von Hatzfeldt' mentioned in the title of this print was Melchior, count von Gleichen und Hatzfeldt (20 October 1593-9 January 1658) who was subordinate to Franz von Mercy. The second in command of the Imperial army was Johann von Werth (1591-16 January 1652).

A very similar print, but a different engraving, appears in Merian's Theatrum Europaeum vol.5, Frankfurt am Main (1651), following p.182.

  • Anonymous (cartographer)


  • Watermark: View: coat of arms: several fleurs-de-lys in shield; countermark indistinct. Mount: none.

    Condition: no fold lines

  • 23.1 x 33.8 cm (neatline)

    26.7 x 34.2 cm (image)

    cropped (platemark)

    27.9 x 34.8 cm (sheet)

    39.4 x 49.1 cm (mount)

  • Printed title:

    Eigentliche DELINEATION welcher gestalt die Frantzesisch-Weinmarische ARMEE beÿ und in Tutlingen im Thonauthal von der Coniungirten Reichs / ARMADA unter COMANDO Ihr: Ey: Herren Graffen von Hatzfeldt Zerstrewet und Ruinirt worden den 14/24 novembr 1643. [across top of view, outside neatline]

    Additional text:

    [bottom, below view, a key, A-I, K-Q.]


    George III heading: Battle of Tuttlingen 24 Nov.r 1643.

    Other annotations: (Recto) [bottom right, black pencil:] 1643; [top right, black pencil, erased:] Tudlingen. (Verso) none.

    George III catalogue entry:

    Tuttlingen Eigentliche Delineation welcher gestalt die Frantzesisch Weinmarische Armee bey und in Tutlingen, von der Konningirten Reichs Armada unter comando der Graffen von Hatsfeldt Zerstrewet und ruinirt worden den 14/24 Nov. 1643.

  • Subject(s)

    Tuttlingen, Baden-Württemberg, Germany (47°59ʹ05ʺN 08°49ʹ04ʺE)

  • Bibliographic reference(s)

    M. McDonald, The Print Collection of Cassiano dal Pozzo. Part II, Architecture, Topography and Military Maps, 3 vols, London 2019, cat. no. 3147

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