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Mapping collected by William Augustus, Duke of Cumberland


Battle of Rottofreno, 1746

Plan du Terrain ou / l’Armee sur L’e Armee / de France 1746 or later

Pencil, pen, ink and watercolour on paper | Scale: not stated. 1:13,300 approx. | RCIN 730062.b

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A map of the Battle of Tidone (also known as the Battle of Rottofreno), 10 August 1746, gained by the Imperial (Austrian) army over the French army. War of the Austrian Succession (1740-48). Oriented with west to top.

The Battle of Tidone, or Rottofreno, was referred to in a letter from Walpole to Mann (p 302) of 21 August (OS) as the 'second great battle of Placentia' [i.e. Piacenza] the news of which reached London on the 13 August OS (Daily Advertiser 14 August OS). The text of this map describes how the terrain was not advantageous to the Imperial army because it was not possible to cross the Nuretta River except by the bridge (marked on this map in red, indicating a stone structure), because of the deep ditches, and the fact that the camps, meadows, and vineyards were surrounded by ditches which the French used as cover. The vineyards are indicated by the symbol resembling an upright pole with an 'S' shaped vine curling round it.

The Imperial army is shown in three positions: 1) green colouring indicates the position before the battle; 2) yellow indicates the position in order of battle; 3) the regimental rectangles coloured according to the uniforms indicate the camp of the army following the battle.

Blue rectangles indicate the French, who retired westwards to Castel St Giovani following their defeat in the battle. The straight road shown on this map, running from west (top of map) to east is on the alignment of the present-day route SP10R.

This map accompanies the printed account of the battle at RCIN 730062.a. Both items were formerly kept in a rough buff wrapper 51.5 x 31.6 cm [folded size] on which was written the old heading, in black ink the nos '556-557' [stamped nos on the items] and, in a modern hand: & 62a CMB Nov '86 [i.e. 1986]. 

  • Anonymous (cartographer)

  • Watermark: The letters: A S
    Mark, stamped: 556
    Condition: one fold line; slight foxing
  • Scale: not stated. 1:13,300 approx.

    26.2 x 41.4 cm (neatline)

    27.0 x 42.2 cm (image)

    31.3 x 47.5 cm (sheet)

  • Manuscript title:

    Plan du Terrain ou / l’Armee sur L’e Armee / de France. [top left, in a cartouche resembling a scroll]

    Additional text:

    Explication / Les trois Lignes de coleur verd signi = / fient la situation des Trouppes / Imperiales avant la Bataille, / pendant que les postes avancees / faisoient un grand feu sur le / Pont de la Nuretta, ou L'Ennemi / rendre le Maitre / Ce que L'on voit marqueé de bleu au / de la du Tidone, est la Situation / de L'Ennemi dans la Battaille. / Le marqueé Jaune represante la Situa = / tion des trouppes Imperiales qui avance, / rent depuis La Nureta jusqu'au dela du / Tidone, sans etre rangeé en ordre de battaille. [bottom left, in a cartouche resembling a stone plinth]

    Observation / Tout le terrain eteit fort desavantageux pour les Trouppes Imperiales, puisque / L'on ne povoit passer la Nuretta que sur le pont, par la profondeur, / du fosse. La plupart des Camps, Vignes, et prairies, sont environeés / des fosses, ou les trouppes de L'Ennemi se mirent au couvert. / Le Tidone se trovoit alors avec fort peu d'eu, bien qu'il ÿ ait de la hauteur / de part, et d'autre. / Le deux Lignes marqueés avec L'uniforme des Regiments representent L'accam = / pament de L'armee Imperiale apres avoir gagnee la Battaille, L'ennemi / s'etant retiree jusqu'a Castel S: Giovanni. [Bottom right, in a cartouche resembling a stone plinth]


    George III heading: Battle of Tidone 10 Aug.t 1746.

    Other anotations: (Recto) [bottom left, black pencil:] VI/55; [top right, black pencil:] 18. (Verso) [bottom left, black pencil:] 55; [bottom left, black pencil, in Schultz's hand?:] 10 aout 1746; [top left, black pencil:] XII/[?51]; [top right, black pencil:] 8.

    George III catalogue entry:

    Tidone Plan dessiné de la Bataille gagnée par l’Armée Imperiale sur l’Armée de France et ses Alliés, sur la Riviere de Tidone pres de Plaisance, le 10 Aoust 1746. (with a Copy of the London Gazette containing an account of the Battle.)

  • Probably from the collection of military and naval maps and prints formed by Prince William Augustus, Duke of Cumberland (1721-65), third son of George II; subsequently acquired by George III (1738-1820)


  • Subject(s)

    Emilia-Romagna (Italy) 45°03'26"N 09°32'51"E, Tidone, River

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