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Mapping collected by William Augustus, Duke of Cumberland

JH Treu (active 1744-5)

Encampment at Anstaing, 1744

PLAN / de la Situation du Camp de l'Armée / des Alliés pres d'Anstein / aux Environs de Lille / Occupé depuis le 9me Aoust jusqu'au de 29 Sept: 1744 1744

Pencil, pen, ink and watercolour on paper; laid down on linen | Scale: 1:29,350 approx. | RCIN 729035

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A map of the encampment of the Allied army under the command of Marshals d'Arenberg and Wade, at Anstaing in August 1744. War of the Austrian Succession (1740-48). Oriented with north-west to top (cardinal points with magnetic north).

This appears to be drawn in a slightly different hand to that of Johann Carl Treu. It is not known if J.H. Treu was a relation.

This is a detailed topographical map showing what appears to be a comprehensive road network connecting the villages to either side of the small River Marque. The camp, on the west side of the Marque, extends from Tressin (50°37'03"N 03°11'36"E) in the north, through Anstaing, to Gruyez (perhaps in the area of present-day Huvet, 50°33'33"N 03°09'36"E) in the south. Also shown is the camp occupied by the right wing of the army on 9 August before they crossed the river, between Cheren (Chéreng 50°36'38"N 03°12'24"E) in the north and Gisoin (Cysoing 50°34'09"N 03°12'58"E), and the line of the army drawn up for the ‘Grande Revue’ on 15 August on the west side of the river, stretching from Annapes (now in the suburbs of Lille) in the north to Gruyez (Huvet?) in the south. The village of Lezenne (Lesquin 50°34'56"N 03°07'08"E), which marks the western limit of the map, is now heavily built up with an airport.

  • JH Treu (active 1744-5) (draughtsman) [bottom right, inside neatline:] J H Treu / Delig: Mens Sept. / 1744.

  • Watermark: Fleur-de-lys in shield, crown above; countermark: IV

    Mark, stamped: 380

    Condition: central crease or fold line. Verso: brown discolouration caused by the deterioration in the paste

  • Scale: 1:29,350 approx. Scale bars: 3000 Pas [83 mm =]; Echelle d'une demij heure ou 3000 pas [83 mm =].

    36.6 x 39.8 cm (neatline)

    37.1 x 47.8 cm (image)

    39.1 x 49.6 cm (sheet)

  • Manuscript title:

    PLAN / de la Situation du Camp de l'Armée / des Alliés pres d'Anstein / aux Environs de Lille / Occupé depuis le 9me Aoust jusqu'au de 29 Sept: / 1744. [top left, in cartouche representing a trompe l'oeil scroll]


    [bottom left, in rectangular panel:] PLAN / de Situation du Village Pont a Tressin / avec le Retranchement Francois / a la Marque. [with three profiles of the entrenchement.] Scale: 1:6,200 approx. Scale bar: [52 mm =] 400 Pass. Size: 8.7 x 19.5 cm (neatline).

    Additional text:

    Explication des Letres [sic] et No: [right, down right side of map in rectangular panel, a key, A-I, K-Z, a-i, k-y, 1-52, to named regiments:] 


    George III heading: Encampment at Anstain 10 Aug.t - 29 Sept.r 1744.

    Other annotations: (Recto) none. (Verso) [top left, red pencil:] 8/40 [and, black pencil:] X/5; [bottom right, black pencil:] 1744.

    George III catalogue entry:

    Anstain Plan dessiné de la Situation du Camp de l'Armée des Alliés pres d'Anstein aux environs de Lille, occupé depuis le 9 Aoust jusqu'au 29 1744; par I.H. treu, 1744. [The same entry appears under the heading Encampment.]

  • Probably from the collection of military and naval maps and prints formed by Prince William Augustus, Duke of Cumberland (1721-65), third son of George II; subsequently acquired by George III (1738-1820)


  • Subject(s)

    Anstaing, Nord-Pas-de-Calais, France (50°36'17"N 03°11'26"E)

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