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Mapping collected by William Augustus, Duke of Cumberland


Encampment at Koblenz, 1745

PLAN / Von dem Lager und Canton= / nirungen der Allierten / Armée beÿ Coblenz, wel= / ches selbige den 15.t April - / 1745. bezogen hat 1745 or later

Pencil, pen, ink and watercolour on paper | Scale: not stated | RCIN 729074

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A map of the camps and cantonments of the Allied army (Austrian, Hanoverian and Dutch) on the east side of the Rhine opposite Koblenz, 15 April 1745. War of the Austrian Succession (1740-48). Oriented with north to top.

The area covered extends from Vallern (Vallendar 50°24'00"N 07°37'00"E), in the north to Ehrenbreitstein (50°21'00"N 07°37'00"E) in the south. The headquarters of the Austrians is shown at Vallern, that of the Hanoverians at Rothenhaan (now also a suburb of Arenberg 50°22'19"N 07°38'13"E), and that of the Dutch at Urber (Urbar 50°22'48"N 07°37'17"E).

  • Anonymous (cartographer)

  • Watermark: Countermark: IV

    Mark, stamped: 416

    Condition: four fold lines. Verso: induced discolouration

  • Scale: not stated

    24.5 x 27.4 cm (neatline)

    25.1 x 36.1 cm (image)

    28.7 x 39.9 cm (sheet)

  • Manuscript title:

    PLAN / Von dem Lager und Canton= / nirungen der Allierten / Armée beÿ Coblenz, wel= / ches selbige den 15.t April - / 1745. bezogen hat. [top left, title and text in rectangular panel down left side of map]

    Additional text:

    [left, below title, a key, a-i, k-z, 1-7 to the names of the encamped regiments, and a list of further regiments and the place where they were cantoned, together with a summary of the numbers of Austrian, Hanoverian and Dutch battalions and squadrons and numbers of cannon and howitzers of each.]


    George III heading: Encampment near Coblentz 15 April 1745.

    Other annotations: (Recto) [bottom left, black pencil, erased:] X/[?]9. (Verso) [top left, black pencil:] X/99; [top right, black pencil, indistinct: Camp].

    George III catalogue entry:

    Coblentz Plan von dem Lager und Cantonnirungen der Allurten Armée bey Coblentz den 15 April 1745. drawn. [The same entry appears under the heading Encampment.]

  • Probably from the collection of military and naval maps and prints formed by Prince William Augustus, Duke of Cumberland (1721-65), third son of George II; subsequently acquired by George III (1738-1820)


  • Subject(s)

    Koblenz, Rhineland-Palatinate, Germany (50°21'00"N 07°36'00"E)

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