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Eighty Years War (Dutch War of Independence) (1568-1648)

Contemporary prints and maps of the battles and sieges of the Eighty Years War


View of the siege of Ostend, 1602 (Oostende, Flanders, Belgium) 51°13'24"N 02°54'42"E

published 1602

Etching and engraving; printed on paper; mounted on paper (Mount Type B); gilt edges left, bottom and right | 28.2 x 36.8 cm (image and sheet) | RCIN 721113

A high oblique view of the siege of Ostend by the Spanish army of Flanders, commanded by Albert VII, Archduke of Austria (13 November 1559-13 July 1621) governor of the Spanish Netherlands and General Ambrogio Spínola Doria (1659-25 September 1630), defended from 1601 to March 1602 by Sir Francis Vere (c.1560-18 August 1609) 5 July 1601-22 September 1604. The Eighty Years War (Dutch War of Independence) (1568-1648). Oriented with north-north-west to top (compass rose).

See the notes to RCIN 721112.

Another example of what purports to be this print is mentioned in Arblaster (2014), reference number ASR 1153 (Atlas van Stolk Rotterdam).

This view/map appears to be an early depiction of the siege by Vrints, perhaps his first state. His later views/maps contained considerable topographical revisions which were dated, first, 10 July 1603 and 26 January 1604 (721114) and, second: 10 July 1603 and, in 1604: 26 January, 9 June, 26 July, and 9 August, 1603 and were accompanied by panels of engraved text along the top of the views, and numerical and alphabetical keys along the bottom (see this listing on the Rare Maps website and also:

  • Johannes Baptista Vrints (1552-1612) (publisher) [below title, in rectangular cartouche suspended from the title cartouche:] Ioan. Baptista Vrints excud. cum Priuilegio.


  • Watermark: Lion rampant

    Condition: no fold lines; brown discolouration; pressure marks from the mounts of items which were kept above and below this map/print in a different collection are present on the recto and verso


  • 28.2 x 36.8 cm (image and sheet)

    40.0 x 54.6 cm (mount)

  • Printed title:

    Vraye delineation / de la ville d’Ostende / assiegée par le Prince / Albertus Archid. d’Austrie, / Duc de Brabant, Conte de / Flandres, &c. faict l’an 1602 / le premier iour d’October. [bottom left, in cartouche]


    George III heading: Ostend besieged by the Archduke Albert and the Marquis de Spinola from the of June 1601 to the of Sep.r 1604.

    Other annotations: (Recto) [bottom right, black pencil:] 1602. (Verso) [bottom right, red pencil:] 1/108; [bottom right, black pencil:] I/112c.

    George III catalogue entry:

    Ostend Vraye Delineation de la Ville d’Ostende assiegée par le Prince Albertus Archiduc d’Austrie, faict le d’Octobre 1602: chez J.B. Vrints.

  • Subject(s)

    Oostende, Flanders, Belgium (51°13'24"N 02°54'42"E)

  • Bibliographic reference(s)

    P. Arblaster, From Ghent to Aix: how they brought the news in the Habsburg Netherlands, Leiden 2014, p. 289

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