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French Revolutionary Wars (1792-1802)

Maps and prints of naval engagements collected by George III during the decade of war

War of the First Coalition (1792-8)

I-Printed pamphlet with hand-coloured printed map of Champagne & Lorraine, lines of Prussian/French/Austrian troops (Wars of the French Revolution);1792 II-Hand coloured printed map of Lorraine & Champagne, with lines of same troops; 1792.

Support for royalist forces in Champagne, and the seizure of Toulon

A map of a military encampment at Aberdeen, 1795. War of the French Revolution (1792-1802): War of the First Coalition (1792-8). Oriented with north-west to top.  
The encamped regiments are: 2nd Battalion the 4th Fencibles, 1st Battalion the 8th Fencible

The Battles of Ushant, and Mainz

A view of the capture by the French of the British frigate Diamond, commanded by Captain Sidney Smith, on 18 April 1796 off the port of Le Havre. French Revolutionary Wars (1792-1802): War of the First Coalition (1792-8). Proof copy.
Captain Sidney Smith

The Battle of Camperdown and the Siege of Mantua