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The Seven Years War (1756-63)

Manuscript and printed maps and views, correspondence and journals from the first global war


Battle of Quebec, 1759

PLAN of the Battle fought upon Abraham Plains / near QUEBEC on Thursday y.e of Septem.r 1759, between / the British Army commanded by Major Gen.l Wolfe, & / the French Army commanded by y.e Marquis of Montcalm


Pencil, pen, ink and watercolour on paper; laid down on linen | Scale: 1:14,400 approx. | RCIN 732120

A map of the Battle of Quebec, fought on 13 September 1759 between the British army, commanded by Major-General James Wolfe (1727-59), and the French army, commanded by Louis Joseph de Montcalm-Gozon, marquis de Montcalm (1712-59), resulting in a British victory. French and Indian War (1754-63). Oriented with north-west to top (cardinal points).

Patrick Mackellar may have signed this map purely in his capacity as Chief Engineer, in order to authenticate its accuracy. However, the attribution to him as draughtsman is made on stylistic grounds. The pencilled lines which form squares for the purposes of copying are aligned north-south and east-west. This map (or the map from which it was copied), which shows the alignment of the British and French troops at the beginning of the battle, probably formed part of the compilation materials for RCIN 732100.

  • Patrick Mackellar (1717-78) (draughtsman) [bottom right, outside border:] Pat Mackellar Majr & Chief Engr.

    Joseph Frederick Wallet Des Barres (1721-1824) (surveyor) [left, bottom of text in title panel:] Surveyed by Lieut. Desbarres of y.e Royal Americans.

  • Watermark: None visible

    Mark, stamped: 890

    Condition: one fold line; substantial tears to left and right edges repaired on verso with paper before being laid down on linen; surface dirt. Verso: stained and surface dirt

  • Scale: 1:14,400 approx. Scale bar: Scale 1200 feet to an Inch [76 mm =] 3600.

    33.5 x 48.8 cm (neatline)

    34.2 x 49.5 cm (image)

    36.2 x 51.1 cm (sheet)

  • Manuscript title:

    PLAN of the Battle fought upon Abraham Plains / near QUEBEC on Thursday y.e of Septem.r 1759, between / the British Army commanded by Major Gen.l Wolfe, & / the French Army commanded by y.e Marquis of Montcalm. [top left, in rectangular panel]

    Additional text:

    [left, below title, in title panel, a brief account of the action and a key, a-e, to the different troop positions on the map.]


    George III heading: Battle of Quebec 13 Sep. 1759.

    Other annotations: (Recto) [bottom left, below border, black pencil: illegible]. (Verso) [centre left, black pencil: illegible]; [top left, black pencil, same word?: illegible.]

    George III catalogue entry:

    Quebec A drawn Plan of the Battle fought upon Abraham Plains near Quebec on Thursday the of Sep.r 1759, between the British Army commanded by Major General Wolfe and the French Army commanded by the Marquis of Montcalm: by Major Pat. Mackellar chief Eng.r from a survey by Lieut. Desbarres.

  • Subject(s)

    Quebec, Canada (46°47'51'N 71°13'34'W)

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