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The Seven Years War (1756-63)

Manuscript and printed maps and views, correspondence and journals from the first global war


Ticonderoga, 1759


Pencil, pen, ink and grey wash on paper | Scale: not stated. 1:20,000 approx. | RCIN 732105

A map of the proposed British attack on Fort Ticonderoga, 24 July 1759. French and Indian War (1754-63). Oriented with north to top (cardinal points). 

The tentative attribution to William Eyres, who served as a Chief Engineer for much of his time in North America, is made on stylistic grounds. The map shows the fortifications in outline at Ticonderoga but is unfinished, there being no explanation to the abbreviations (but see RCIN 732106). A note on the verso explains that this sketch was of an attack on Ticonderoga, proposed and given to General Amhurst by the Chief Engineer. It is not known whether this was the actual artifact given by the Chief Engineer to Amherst, or whether it is a copy of the plan.

  • ? William Eyres (d. 1764) (draughtsman)

  • Watermark: Fleur-de-lys in crowned shield, a ‘4’ suspending the letters WR

    Mark, stamped: 880

    Condition: one fold line; six holes along top edge; a circular abrasion, right. Verso: brown discolouration; surface dirt

  • Scale: not stated. 1:20,000 approx.

    45.4 x 33.2 cm (image and sheet)

  • Printed title:

    No title


    George III heading: Ticonderoga 24 July 1759.

    Other annotations: (Recto) [top right, black pencil, erased:] XVI/5[?] [and] [X]VI/[?]. (Verso) [left, ink:] attack on Ticonderoga; [left, black pencil, after ink inscription:] proposed & given to Gen. Amherst by the Chief Engineer; [right, ink, different hand]: America / Design for the Attack / of Ticonderoga; [right, black pencil, near ink inscription, mostly illegible:] [plan of the] Attack on Ticonderoga / 1759; [bottom right, above old heading, black pencil, erased and mostly illegible:] [?] July 1759; [bottom right, black pencil:] Amherst.

    George III catalogue entry:

    Ticonderoga A drawn Plan of the proposed Attack upon Ticonderoga, taken by General Amherst on the of July 1759.

  • Subject(s)

    Ticonderoga, New York, USA (43°50'55"N 73°25'24"W)

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