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Printed and manuscript maps, prints and views of 22 seventeenth-century wars

Franciscus Ertinger (1640-c.1710)

Battle of Ter, 1694

BATAILLE / DU TER / Gagnée par l’Armée DU ROY commandée par le Mar.ál / DUC DE NOAILLES le 27: May 1694 sur l’armée Espag.le comāndée / par le Duc d’Escalone 1694 or later

Etching and engraving; printed from two copperplates on two pieces of paper, joined; laid down on coarse brown linen; edged with cerise silk ribbon; two pink linen ties to top edge; a brass ring for hanging is missing from the top left and top right corners | Scale: not stated | RCIN 724063

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A map of the Battle of Torroelle, also known as the Battle of Ter, fought on 27 May 1694 between the French, commanded by Anne Jules, 2nd Duke of Noailles (1650-1708) and the Spanish, led by Juan Manuel de la Aurora, 8th Duke of Escalona (1650-1725), resulting in a French victory. Nine Years War (1688-97). Oriented with south to top. 

The map and order of battle are drawn more in the manner of high oblique views. The orders of battle, with the Spanish army on the south bank of the Ter, and the French lined up on the north bank, give the names of the commanders of the battalions and the regiments they formed for the French army; less information is given for the Spanish forces.

  • Franciscus Ertinger (1640-c.1710) (engraver and ?publisher) [bottom left, inside neatline:] A Paris chez l’Auteur, / rue S.t André des Arts, vis à vis / l’inscription de la porte de Bussy. / Avec privil. du Roy.

  • Watermark: None visible

    Condition: one fold line; several holes around the left, top and right edges, consistent with an earlier stitched-on edging having been removed. Verso: the pattern of surface dirt along the top edge is consistent with the map having been rolled and tied

  • Scale: not stated

    58.7 x 84.2 cm (neatline)

    62.0 x 87.4 cm (image)

    cropped or obscured by silk edging (platemark)

    64.4 x 89.4 cm (sheet)

  • Printed title:

    BATAILLE / DU TER / Gagnée par l’Armée DU ROY commandée par le Mar.ál / DUC DE NOAILLES le 27: May 1694 sur l’armée Espag.le comāndée / par le Duc d’Escalone [map: top centre in ornate cartouche flanked by winged victories blowing trumpets]

    Printed title:

    Ordre / de bataille des / deux Armées avant le combat. [order of battle: bottom centre, below map, in ornate cartouche embellished with the artefacts of war]


    [top centre, following on from title, in title cartouche:] Dediée au Roy.

    Additional text:

    [top left, in decorative cartouche, a key, A-I, L-M, to bridges, defiles, march of the army, the attack of the carabinieres and grenadiers at the head of the army at the ford of Torroelle, various other troops and attacks, lines etc., and the burning enemy baggage:] Explication des Renvois. [Top right, in similar cartouche, a short account of the action; text begins:] L’Armée du Roy arriva sur le Ter le 26: de May:


    George III heading: [black pencil:] Ter 1694.

    Other annotations: (Recto) none. (Verso) [top right, black pencil, illegible; top right, ink on contemporary paper label:] I [with a red cross to the right]/66.

    K. Mil. dummy sheet:

    [Manuscript ink title, etc:] Plan de la Bataille du Ter, gagnée par l’Armée du Roy, commandée par le Marechal Duc de / Noailles, sur l’Armée Espagnole, commandée par le Duc d’Escalone, le 27e de May 1694; avec / l’Ordre de Bataille des deux Armées. 2 feuilles / A Roll … [black pencil:] 5 Table 2.d / [old heading:] Plan and Order of the Battle of the Ter 27 May 1694. 
    Watermark: BUDGEN & WILLMOTT 1810. 
    Size: 47.1 x 32.7 cm (sheet).

    George III catalogue entry:

    Ter Plan de la Bataille du Ter gagnée par l’Armée du Roy commandée par le Marechal Duc de Noailles sur l’Armée Espagnole commandée par le Duc d’Escalone le 27 de May 1694: avec l’Ordre de Bataille des deux Armées. 2 feuilles. [The same entry appears under the heading Order of Battle.]

  • Possibly from the collection of military and naval maps and prints formed by Prince William Augustus, Duke of Cumberland (1721-65), third son of George II; subsequently acquired by George III (1738-1820)

  • Subject(s)

    Torroella de Montgrí, Catalonia, Spain (42°02ʹ33ʺN 03°07ʹ37ʺE)

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