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Other 17th-century conflicts

Printed and manuscript maps, prints and views of 22 seventeenth-century wars


Plan of Philippsburg, 1688 (Philippsburg, Baden-Württemberg, Germany) 49°13ʹ54ʺN 08°27ʹ39ʺE

1688 or later

Pencil, pen, ink and watercolour on paper; laid down on coarse linen | Scale: not stated (scale) | RCIN 724038

An outline plan of the fortifications of Philippsburg showing the French approach trenches begun on 27 September leading to the capitulation of Imperial-held Philippsburg on 29 October 1688. The Imperial garrison was commanded by Field marshal Maximilian Lorenz von Starhemberg (1640-89) and the French were led by Marshal Jacques-Henri de Dufort, duc de Duras (1625-1704) and Lieutenant-General Sébastien Le Prestre, marquis de Vauban (1633-1707). Nine Years War (1688-97). Oriented with south-south-east to top.

The style of the cartography suggests that this may have been drawn sometime in the eighteenth century.

Condition: one fold line; ink smudges. Verso: surface dirt.
  • Creator(s)

    Anonymous (cartographer)

  • Fleur-de-lys in crowned shield, suspending a '4' and the letter W; countermark: IV

    Old heading: Philipsbourg Oct.r 1688. Other annotations: (Recto) none. (Verso) [bottom, right of centre, red pencil:] 3/127.

  • Scale: not stated (scale)

    46.3 x 62.3 cm (image)

    44.7 x 61.6 cm (neatline)

    48.8 x 65.5 cm (sheet) (whole object)

  • PHILIPSBURG / avec / LES ATTAQUES / faites par les François au / Mois d’Octobre / 1688.

    Philipsbourg Plan dessiné de Philipsburg avec les Attaques faites par les Francois au mois d’ 1688.

  • Subject(s)
    • Places
      • Europe
        • Germany
          • Baden-Württemberg [Germany]
            • Philippsburg [Germany]
    • Social sciences
      • Military affairs
        • Wars, Campaigns & Battles
          • Wars
            • Wars of the seventeenth century
              • War of the Grand Alliance (1688-97)
              • Wars of Louis XIV (1667-1714)
          • War operations
            • Sieges
    • Science, Medicine and Technology
      • Engineering & Technology
        • Military engineering
          • Fortifications
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