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Mapping collected by William Augustus, Duke of Cumberland


Encampments at Namur, 1746 1746 or later

Pencil, pen, ink and watercolour on two pieces of paper, joined. In the same hand as the plans at RCIN 730053. | Scale: not stated. 1:100,000 approx. | RCIN 730058

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A map of the encampments of the French and Allied armies north-west of Namur in August 1746. War of the Austrian Succession (1740-48). Oriented with north-west to top.

Four campsites are shown extending, in all, the length of the French camp from Mazy (50°30'30"N 04°40'25"E) in the west to Fallais (50°36'36"N 05°10'16"E) in the east, a distance of about 45 km (28 miles). The eastern point Camp A extends from Spy in the west to the chateau Ostain, whose name is now preserved in the ‘Rue d’Ostin’ a short distance south-west of Dhuy (50°33'33"N 04°51'33"E). Camp B extended from Ostin in the west, by way of Dhuy, and an area north of Longchamps (50°34'37"N 04°53'43"E) to Hemptinne (50°36'10"N 04°59'18"E) in the east.

Camp C extended from west of Emptine (Hemptinne 50°36'10"N 04°59'18"E) in the west, passing north of Meeffe (50°36'24"N 05°01'03"E), running north of Burdinne (50°35'04"N 05°04'35"E) to Marnef (Marneffe 50°34'49"N 05°08'41"E) in the east. The French camp is coloured in yellow. Those of the Allied army are coloured red and the nationality of the component troops is indicated by numbers: 1) Imperial, 2) English, 3) Hanoverian, 4) Hessian, 5) Dutch, 6) Corps du General Saun, 7) Corps du General Baragnay, 8) Corps du General Trips.

  • Anonymous (cartographer)

  • Watermark: Lily in crowned shield, the monogram VDL below; countermark: I VILLEDARY
    Mark, stamped: 552
    Condition: four fold lines; double pin holes bottom left, top left, and top right; trimmed. Verso: induced discolouration; some surface dirt
  • Scale: not stated. 1:100,000 approx.

    28.4 x 56.7 cm (neatline)

    29.0 x 57.3 cm (image)

    30.6 x 59.4 cm (sheet)

  • Manuscript title:

    No title

    Additional text:

    A: Le Camp de l’Armée Alliée auprés de Villers entre Ostain et Spy / depuis le 2: jusqua’au 17: Aoust 1746. / B: Le Camp de l’Armée Alliée auprés de Montigny entre Emptine / et Ostain le 17: 18: et 19: Aoust 1746. / C: Le Camp de l’Armée Alliée aupres de Bourdine entre Mar= / = nef et Henrée depuis le 20: jusqu’au 29: Aoust 1746. / D: Les Camps de l’Armée de la France du 2: E: du 17: F: du 20: Aoust. [top right, in rectangular panel, explanatory text to the map]


    George III heading: Encampments near Namur 2 - 29 August 1746.

    Other annotations: (Recto) none. (Verso) [bottom, right of centre, red pencil:] 10/59.

    George III catalogue entry:

    Encampment Carte Dessinée des Environs de Namur contenant les Campemens de l’Armée Alliée aupres de Villers depuis le 2 jusqu’au 17 Aoust: aupres de Montigny le 17, 18 et 19: et aupres de Bourdine depuis le 20 jusqu’au 29: comme aussi les Campemens de l’Armée de la France de 2, 17, et 20 Aoust 1746. [The same entry appears under the heading Namur.]

  • Probably from the collection of military and naval maps and prints formed by Prince William Augustus, Duke of Cumberland (1721-65), third son of George II; subsequently acquired by George III (1738-1820)


  • Subject(s)

    Namur (Walloon Region, Belgium) 50°28'00"N 04°52'02"E

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